Monday, December 19, 2016

First-Time Grammy Nominees : A Quick Look

Posted by Arti Sneha

Every year a lot of new faces arrive at the Grammy Awards. A lot of first-time Grammy nominees also get awarded and continue hitting the roof.

This new group of artist receives attention because of their peers. This year, there are over 300 newly nominated artists.

We take a look at the 4 new notable first-time Grammy nominated artists.

First-Time Grammy Nominees

This list is for the Grammy Awards 2017 that is, the 59th Grammy Awards.

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1.  Chance The Rapper

Chancelor Johnathon also known as Chance the rapper is the first time Grammy nominee. The 23-year-old Chicago rapper is up for 7 Grammys this year. The 4 nominations are for his very own mixtape Coloring Book and 3 other nominations for his work with Kanye West.

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2.  Maren Morris

Maren used to write songs for other artists for several years in Nashville until she decides to come up with her very own country album, Hero. Maren Morris is up for 4 Grammy Awards. Thanks to her hard work, she is not only a first-time nominee but also is the most nominated artist in country music including a nod for best country album.

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3. Blink-182

The California-based group is also up for their first time Grammy Awards. They are nominated for Best Rock Album. They have returned to music after several years. The band is one of the oldest, and members include Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker. According to PETA, they are also the most animal-friendly band. (Yes, that!)

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4. 21 Pilots

The 2016 star 21 Pilots is also up for their first Grammys. They are nominated in 5 categories. Their songs Heathens from the Suicide Squad movie is up for 3 nominations. Their songs Stressed Out from their album, Blurry Face is up for 2 awards including Coveted Record Of The Year.
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What do you think? Who is your favorite nominee?


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