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10 best Grammy Acceptance speeches of all time

Posted by Arti Sneha
We take a look at most beautiful Grammy acceptance speeches of all time.

Some people like to remember their friends and family while others take a look at all those who made them who they are.

10 best Grammy Acceptance speeches of all time

Note: The list of best Grammy Award addresses are arranged in descending order. Scroll down to know who is ranked at #1!

10.  Kanye West - 2005

Kanye was awarded a Grammy at the 47th Grammy Awards in 2005 for best rap album. He talks about life and opportunities and all those things that made him there.

9. Aerosmith - 1994

Aerosmith won a Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance By A Group at the 36th Grammy Awards in 1994. The group takes the time to thank their producers and the entire team. While Brad stands, amazed Steven takes the time to show how happy he is.

8. Paul Simon - 1976 

Paul Simon won a Grammy at the 18th Grammy Awards for Album Of The Year in 1976. He took the time to thank all the people who worked beside him for the album.

[The video does not exist in any streaming site. Watch it here]

7.  Shakira - 2001

Shakira won a Grammy at the 43rd Grammy Awards for Best Latin Pop Album in 2001. Watch her Grammy Awards acceptance speech to see how she thanks her country and its countrymen.

[The video is not on YouTube so watch it here.]

6. Dixie Chicks - 2007

Dixie Chicks won a Grammy at the 49th Grammy Awards for Best Country Album in 2007. Martie thanked all the musicians and songwriters and expressed how much honored they felt then. 

5. Mary J. Blige -  2007

Mary J. Blige won a Grammy at the 49th Grammy Awards for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance in 2007. She metaphors the awards and her success with a valley and bridge. Watch her lovely Grammy Award acceptance address below.

[Vido available here]

4. Lady Gaga - 2011

Lady Gaga won a Grammy at the 53rd Grammy Awards for Best Pop Vocal Album in 2011. She took the stage to thank her mother and her sister. She also thanked the phenomenal Whitney Houston for inspiring her.

3. Foo Fighters -2012

Foo Fighters won a Grammy at the 54th Grammy Awards for Best Rock Performance in 2012. They gave a long yet inspirational speech on life, music, and their band.

2. Selena - 1994 

Selena won a Grammy at the 36th Grammy Awards for Best Mexican-American Album in 1994. See her talk about music and her father in the Grammys acceptance speech.

1. Taylor Swift - 2016

Taylor Swift won a Grammy at the 58th Grammy Awards for Album Of The Year in 2016. She talks about hypocrisy and people trying to dominate about other's wins. Watch the mesmerizing speech below.

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